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Doomsday Comet Elenin Colliding With Earth False

Scientists warn that if you are not careful, you might actually believe the Earth will end in 2012 according to some conspiracy theory websites.

There has been a lot of talk and rumors about Comet Elenin and asteroid Apophis colliding with Earth in 2011 and 2012 causing the end of the world and an extinction event for every bird, flower, tree, and animal.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Comet Elenin’s name comes from the code word “ELE”, which supposedly stands for, get this, “Extinction Level Event”, instead of the true origin, which is amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin, the Russian that discovered the comet, which the nuts also claim is dead and/or killed off by NASA to cover up the truth about the Earth’s demise.

EDIT: It seems the image that was posted before was not an actual image of Comet Elenin, the image below “supposedly” IS and can be found at this website. The correction still does not alter the original intent of this article.

The latest computations put Comet Elenin’s size at 3,283 miles in diameter and distance from Earth at more than 15,534,279 miles away at its closest approach on 10 September 2011, according to astrobiologists at NASA.

It will put on quite a show as it passes Earth.

2-3 years ago scientists said that asteroid Apophis had a very small chance of colliding with Earth in 2036, but since then recent computations have proved this to be false, and the asteroid will be nowhere near colliding with Earth.

NASA scientists caution the public to be wary of conspiracy websites and to obtain their information directly from NASA and the NOAA.

They also cite Wikipedia as a credible reference in dealing with issues like these.


  • This is just a theory that I thought of right now, I found it quite interesting that the letters ELE is part of elenin so I tried to find out how many Extinction Level Events we have had on earth. So I found this site http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-extinction-events.htm I found out that we have had 8 big ELE`s in the history of the earth. So Elenin would be number nine. So if you split up the name of Elenin you will almost get Extinction Level Event Nine. That is quite a scary theory if it is correct.

  • You clearly have not researched Comet Elenin nearly enough. There is definitely a cover up going on. Leonid Elenin is the discoverer of the comet. Leonid = a meteor shower coming from the constellation LEO in the month of November. Nasa’s orbital path of Elenin takes it the closest in Oct and in the begining of Nov comet Elenin cuts in front of the earth causing the earth to pass through the comets tail in early Nov resulting in a meteor shower! Googlesky, Microsoft, and Wikisky all have black boxes at the exact coordinates of where elenin should be!

    What do you think the odds are that the discoverer of a comet that happens to be approaching from the constellation LEO and cause a meteor shower maybe resulting in a ELE in the month of November have his name Leonid means the exact same thing!!!!!! If you cant see that Leonid ELEnin is a coded message with this information I cant help you.

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