The New $100 Bill Has Something Hidden In…

The new $100 bill has the words ‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ printed in tiny script on the collar of Benjamin Franklin’s jacket.

The new banknote style officially went into circulation this year and sports a host of advanced technologies intended to thwart even the cleverest of counterfeiters. In addition to the microprinting on Franklin’s collar, the words ‘ONE HUNDRED USA’ appear along a golden quill to the right of his face. Tilting the bill back and forth will change the color of the number 100 and the quill’s inkwell from copper to green, and will also reveal holographic bells in its blue security ribbon that change to 100s! Other features include a faint watermark of Ben’s face to the right of his portrait and raised intaglio printing along his right shoulder.

16 comments on “The New $100 Bill Has Something Hidden In…

  1. The new hundred dollar bills are like the bills in Mexico. All Mexican bills are like that, with changing colors, water marks, hidden things, and more.

  2. I wanted to read about why people were throwing away dollar bills, not what hidden things the new hundred has. That’s what the thing says but when I click it, it goes to the hundred stuff. Why?

  3. I’m pretty sure this is on every U.S. bill in different places, usually in the oval around the portrait, at least in the last redesign it was, maybe even before that. It may not be on 1′s since they weren’t redesigned, been a while since I looked.

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