10 Crazy Types Of Wheels That Will Change The Way We Move

1. Omni-Ball

Also referred to as a Spherical Omni Wheel, Omni-Ball was designed by engineers at the Kaneko Higashimori Laboratory in the Osaka University. Wheel consists of two hemispheres connected to one axis that rotate separately creating various movements. The same principles that were applied when creating Omni-Ball were used to create the equally amazing Omni-crawler. Crawlers are usually used to move large heavy objects – they are short and not very mobile, that’s why maneuvering objects can become a big deal. But with Omni-crawler that incorporates the properties of the all-directional Omni-Ball you can move your crawler in any direction with minimum energy and faster than anything you’ve ever seen before. What wheels will you setup on your vehicle share your thoughts on Facebook with a hashtag #10crazywheels.