“ZERO” – Amazing Ultramodern Personal Helicopter

The vehicle is, in fact, made of two white round forms, one used as cabin and the other as case for the tail rotor. Their particular design together with some notes of color on the rotors and on the seat, give to it a very minimalistic and stylish look.

In theory this ZERO personal helicopter would not only be energy-efficient, it would also be easy to handle, cost efficient and most importantly it takes only a smaller area to land than not personal helicopter.

The price is exorbitant, but the vessel promises to offer a luxury experience that is worth every penny



  • Within 10 years hydrogen/water turbine motors will be efficient enough to make this puppy fly… in fact they are now , come to think of it. I think I’ve just cracked how to make this thing work … now. Not telling you tho!

  • How could that possibly fly?

    The main rotor is implausibly small. The tail rotor is too close to the body of the helicopter to provide adequate torque.

    The place where the engine and gearbox are supposed to be are about big enough for a ceiling fan.

    How does the rotor assembly tilt?

    Where does the fuel go?

    Etc, etc, etc.

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