Volkswagen Beetle Converted into Classic Porsche by a Woman?

26 year of Megan Ashton dreamed of riding away to her wedding in a classic Porsche 356 when she was a child, but she couldn’t afford used cars for sale, so she spent six years in transforming her old Volkswagen Beetle into her dream car.

Megan always has been very much interested in cars, and since she grew up in her father’s garage she learned some things about classic cars. She always liked and dreamed of having Porsche 356, it is the first model generated by the German car manufacturer. She couldn’t afford such an expensive car, so she made her mind to make her own car. Son of Porsche’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche created The 356, and he shared many parts with Volkswagen Beetle, to make it more reasonable. Megan paid just £200 for Beetle (1969 model) in the year 2004, she was a student at that time and she planned to transform it into her dream car.

She began to mess with her Volkswagen and she ended up in tearing it down to its framework since it had to be shortened. She fixed large cylinders and pistons into the engine to increase the power from 1285cc to 1776 cc, she changed the entire body of the car and installed beautiful interior of Porsche that is mahogany finishing with white leather interior and steering wheel and speedometer of 356. She kept the wheels and engines same as of 1969 Volkswagen Beetle.

It took almost six years for her to do the framework and finish it, but she just completed it in time to take it for her wedding in August.


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