The Illuminati is Real

The Conspiracy for world takeover is as old as man himself. The Illuminati, in recent history, has twice tried to control the world — in Napoleon’s day and during World War I.

Only about 5,000 people in the entire world know the true purpose of the Illuminati and its conspiracy to rule the earth. Their plan was written down in code, as a fictional novel, in 1957.

In the mid-1950’s Philippe Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses, Ayn Rand, an established authoress and philosopher, to undertake the writing of this code to the witches of the world. This novel, Atlas Shrugged, was never intended to be a best seller, although it turned out to be one.

The main characters of Atlas Shrugged are code names for individuals or companies. The code is as follows:

Dagny Taggart — Ayn Rand

Dagny’s brother — The combined Railroad System

Ellis Wyatt — David Rockefeller

Hank Rearden — U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel

Francisco D’Anconia — Combined Copper Mines

Galt, D’Anconia, and the Pirate –Rothschild Tribunal

The Tribunal in the book went around convincing certain major corporation presidents of their philosophy and plan, getting them to bankrupt their own businesses. The owners of these companies would then vanish and leave with either Galt or D’Anconia to a retreat area in the Colorado mountain regions. “Colorado” is the code name for the “Bermuda Triangle”, the place where the key figures of the Illuminati will be when the world crashes.


  • “All these things will I give thee for they are mine if thou wilt adore me” saith Satan to The Lord.

  • The Illuminati Does NOT Exist So Move On With Your Life Because It Is None Of Your Business I’m Warning You.

  • Are the freemason’s sort of like the Western Star Butter Breakfast Club….? Or do you pay to join like in Scientology….?

  • The only difference between the ambitions of Islam and Christianity is the fact that Islam has no central authority, nor any plans to enslave the world and Christianity does.

  • I would say that world events taking place that

    the the super race conspirators, those who think

    that the good old german boy Adam Wieskoph,

    was right, that the world was created for a

    master race, not the creeps that believe in

    standards of moral character and morals that are

    different than the Standards they think folks ought

    to develope as they pass through this realm, and

    if they don’t meet certain physical and spiritual

    standards in line with what they consider to be

    the purpose behind creation, those folks need to

    be irradicate from the world they want to re-

    create, not according to the original genesis of

    creation by The Living Word of God.

    They think they know more thanthe one who

    granted them a limited amount of intelligence.

    Events taking place around the world, over

    throwing of governments, and allowing pagans to

    do the warring and set up forms of goverments

    that are, are nothing but dictatorship forms of

    governance, You could call them socialist forms

    of government, but the basic foundation, would

    be best called Communism.

    Governments where you are ordered to live

    according to the dictates of other mens

    standards and elite idealisms.

    Because of the comment sign in regulations

    This will probably end on this page as a BLANK,

    So will cease to waste my time,

    Is the agenda of the illuminate,a bunch of balona




  • Look up The Federal Reserve, or read the book Creature From Jeckle Island. The Illumaniti, Builderburghs, Free Masons, Council on Foreign Relations, scull and Bones, and I am sure there are others I have forgotten, are real. They are the elite of the world and they are ushering in The New World Order. George Sorros is one of them, and he is Obama’s master. These same people started the Federal reserve. Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, Chase Morgans and others. that is why our govt, is spending like drunken sailors. They are collapsing the economy. They are also doing the same thing to other countries. They are doing it on purpose so they can have a one world Govt, one world banking system, and one world religion, which I would guess would be Islam. I am a Christian, and the Bible says this will happen in the end times. The Bible also says that God will be taken away, and Chtistians will be persecuted. I pray that God will heal the nation, because he is the only one that can change things. God bless

  • Illuminatti, Skull and Bones, Masons…make sense.

    But Ayn Rand? Writting about liberty and independence from a government which takes over individual’s production?

    That’s the worse link I ever saw. It’s like linking a person’s soccer team preference with which brand of maionese they like.

  • @rgray 222 you believe that you’re the son of your mother… that is man made believe system.. whats your answer?

  • As an ex-Muslim I agree that Sharia Law is wrong and shouldn’t exist anywhere. However I am also against Zionism. I don’t know how Zionism supposedly fits into the Illuminati agenda, I’m not saying it even does.

    Oh, and Judaism and Christianity are also disgustingly violent religions. Let’s see, throwing non-believers into a pit of fire for all of eternity? Yup.

  • To comment1723, referring to infiltrating youth of orthodox religions has caught my attention, as it was rediscovered that the spiritual leader of the current Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (sayed Kotb, executed in 1965 for designing a coup) had announced himself earlier as belonging to FreeMasons, as did the historic 2nd leader of the Brotherhood, Hassan Hudhaibi, in the last century. The followers are mainly youth and are conditioned not to argue, read or question any direction or command from the superiors of the Brotherhood.

  • after reading all these comments it seems that we are all seeing one or several parts of the illuminati s influence. Another name for them is the money changers, the international bankers as they sit on top and control thru many agencies in all spheres of society.
    Since governments are easy targets of their massive loans (clicks on a computer) we cannot trust government very much unless they are being attacked by the controlled areas.
    One thing you can do is get so strong in your relationship with God that you are full of light, truth and love that can touch every person you contact. Jesus Christ is still the greatest enemy of the New World Order as well as real believers of other religions.
    That is why we must be united not divided .
    Why would believers in God and their books be the subject of vicious attack? Because they have chosen Satan as their god and Satan is at war with God and mankind.
    Their goal is one world gov with them in control at the head, through a one world currency, a credit system where no one can buy or sell anything without belonging to that system and eventually with a chip in the body.
    The reason the computer chip is dangerous is because it also controls behavior and will be linked to your brain to influence you with the spirit of Satan. That is why the Bible says it is so wicked and to not take this mark, the mark of the beast

  • Theres a difference between spirituality and relegion… and so many people posting comments do it out of knowledge, but wisdom and knowledge are also not the same… for the believers that read this why would you worry? you should know that the creation has fallen from grace and that God is sovereign and all He does is for good… for those of you who dont believe that God bless you any way. Nobody knows the answers to all the questions asked but atleast we can have hope in what we believe in and even atheists believe in something…

  • The Illuminati is already back but the name has change it has become more powerful as it was in the past.

    They has infiltrate in ALL Orthodox religion including ( catholic, Jews and Islam )
    They had began misleading the young and diverted from the ORIGINAL aim and perspective of EACH and every religion.
    It happened a few years back

    However there is only a very few people still practice their own original religion (Islam, catholic, Jews ) I can say we are on the verge of our destruction.
    New Illuminati now has all POWER TECHNOLOGY and MONEY.

    Now they are unstoppable
    Illuminati and Satan are TWO completely different things.
    Search for the history, you will find everything and understand WHY they are like this. You quill see that the ORIGINAL leader of Illuminati is still ALIVE and WELL although after several centuries the rest are faithful servants

  • There will be no more time after thirth world war… Satan is in fact the master of USA,and he will take the whole world under his control for a short time, before Christ comes, The Ortodoxy will not rule the world but the catholic church, the pope is fals prophet and the devil on earth himself. He wil establish the new inquisition before Christ comes, her will rule the world with the military help of USA. Now they are both (USA and Vatican) working jioint forces to destroy Islam. By doing this work USA will colapse, and Vatican will stanad alone as world power, before Christ arive,and make a final end of this tribulation times.

  • The Illuminati is an ancient order that is not existing anymore. Despite that, the Knights Templar are still reality, divided in 5 Temples. The crown Temple is in London and their Temple district is the city, the place where the Temple bar of attorneys of law has his seat. The 4 Temples, middle Temple, lower Temple, Gray’s Inn and Lincoln’s Inn, are the religious side of the masonic Templar organization. They contain the Jesuites, the Evangelists, the Orthodox Cast and the Jewish Cast. They are generally called “the crown”, or “the Commonwealth”. The Jesuits and Evangelists are divided in 2 Maltese Knights Orders, red crossed Hospitalers and Teutonic Black order of the Riders of St. John, the Juanites, and the Queen is their commander. The Queen and Charles are members of the 4 Temples, an organization of the super rich and blue blooded (sic). Opposed to them is the Upper Temple, communist, socialist, atheist, Grand Orient, the widest masonic organization on earth, and involved in any political coup ever made. They support Islam and try to create a conflict in middle east by any kind of machination. So, saying that comparing Karl Marx and Mohamed is idiot is idiot. There is more connection between the both as one could imagine. The Masons have been during ages the window to all political machinations, today they start losing interest and the political conspiracy has found other ways to organize and meet. They control the movie world, music, media, news communication and religions as well as any other ideology you can chose from. So, what ever you do, you can’t escape. Vote Romney, vote crown, the rich and the Kings, vote Obama, vote Communist, the robbers and false Robin Hoods. The Grand Orient is known in the US as the Ancient Scottish Rite and has his Temple District in Washington DC. Albert Pike was the main commander in late 1800’s. He was the best ever know Kabbalist and worst human conspirator known on earth. He was co founder of the KKK.
    So, saying the free masons are Illuminati is stupid, There are 3 open levels in Free Masonry and there is a Palladium Lodge, a level that is only for those initiated in the big business. Basic free masonry is philosophy, built on the Kabbalah. But, also in this Gremiums, there are fools, initiated to philo, initiated to higher levels and conspirators. The main occupation of free masonry today is a small clan of businessman that help each other to share the market, mainly in government projects where big money flows over and under the table. Most of them are companions, and know nuts anymore about philosophy and Kabbalah, nor do they know that they are divided in classes, just as it is in all clubs and organizations. We need to know that all this is just a puppet theater, up on which a restricted clan of higher level, as it seems, they are 9, pull the strings and order the world’s powers to act in attempt of war and destruction, organizing conflicts and discordance, the way we see it with Jews and Muslims game, Multicultural infiltration in all regions of the world. By the laws of nature, and Kabbalah explains this quiet simply, we know that only destruction means evolution. Destroying the old gives birth to the new, and by rebuilding eternally, those upper smart heads earn big money on your expense. You fight, you destroy, you rebuild. They organize the game and they lend you money, it is as simple as that. What ever you do, you will work like a slave, they get rich and when they think it’s time to act, they create crisis and you lose all. So, all you do is play chess against the devil, and you know he will win. In exception of your life, that ends with your death and devil’s triumph, a game where you can cheat and act as much as you want, the game of the world’s rich and powerful is easy to stop. Show the center finger of your hand and sat NO. Every game works only if someone plays it. You all complain, you all think to know something about them, but you all play their game. So, stop complaining. The world is made of fools and magicians, the fools have empty heads and laugh about anything, the magicians use their magic to keep this heads empty and give the fools what they need, bread and games for the blind men. Call that game, “Masters and Slaves”.

  • So now what do I believe, god is supposed to have killed +2,270,365. Satan killed 10. The Illuminati ha s killed, uhhhh golly, I don’t know. Anastasios Bethanis wrote, “hey adorship and even talk with Satan…” but I don’t exacyly know what “adorship” means. He/she also wrote,”…then orthodoxy will be established all over the world and then after 30-40 years of piece…”. I don’t know what that means either. 30-40 years of piece of what? ellie says,”Pick up the bible and read it…” O.k. here are some clips from the bible:
    Murder, rape, and pillage at Jabesh-gilead (Judges 21:10-24 NLT)
    Murder, rape and pillage of the Midianites (Numbers 31:7-18 NLT)
    More Murder Rape and Pillage (Deuteronomy 20:10-14)
    Laws of Rape (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)
    Death to the Rape Victim (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB)
    David’s Punishment – Polygamy, Rape, Baby Killing, and God’s “Forgiveness” (2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)
    Rape of Female Captives (Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB)
    There is more, but I tire of this.

  • “Colorado” is the code name for the “Bermuda Triangle”, the place where the key figures of the Illuminati will be when the world crashes.

    Now my question is what do they mean when the world crashes? R they speaking financially or literally?

  • Devil “Feeds on Fear” and all other trash feelings. If you dont have it then they will create it in the form of MEDIA… Horror movies, *orn etc. Then here comes FAITH to the rescue.

  • prayer is powerful, only god knows whatever happened, soo just keep on praying for good and
    god will love always,follow the ten commandment

  • well, God gave us all a choice, choose whom this day who you will serve.You can’t go wrong bing on the Lord side. wheather you believe God or not fear the one who is abe to destroy both body and soul GOD! the devil only pry on the weak he blinded their eye so they can’t real see what is going on he has no control over the strong who will stand for God. God is coming back soon and this has to happen to prove God word, and the devil is tring to get all the soul he can to die with him in the lake of fire but devil and you who follow him just don’t realy know that you’r going to meet your Maker the TRUE and LIVING GOD of HEAVEN and EARTH. You are an Individual where will you spend Eternity? God is giving us time to make it right with Him. Get to Know Him God has so much in store for you. The Word of God said that My People are Perished becauce of lack of knowledge and satan don’t want you to know what’s God has for you, all satan wants is to DESTROY you. So love The True and Living GOD and Live! HEEEEE is COMMMMMMIIIIIG! Be READY! Believers out there hold on to GOD’s UNCHANGING HANDS.

  • The “Illuminati” rule USA since and after the civil war of USA. Wake up or not, there is nothing to do now, too late. They adorship and even talk with Satan and their target is to rule the world. This time though things will turn upside down. This is the warning but the extension also that God gives to us. First it will come the 3d world war, then orthodoxy will be established all over the world and then after 30-40 years of piece, they will come back again, the beast of the Apocalypse. That it will be the final countdown.

  • To those who those who don’t..good luck when shit gets live bc guess what shit is about to get real. No Obama isn’t to blame for how this country is now..the illuminati is. They pick our president before we even know who the fuck is running. They control damn near everything yu can think of..look around. The signs are everywhere. News, TV shows, cartoons, sports, music, movies, cell phone companies, chain restaurants, gas stations, even school..most anythin main stream. If yu don’t wona face facts, fine that’s yu..but yu can still educate yurself with the entertainment..its interesting stuff. Someone had mentioned earlier that the Illuminati wants us to know what’s going on. I don’t find that to be true. They don’t want us to know whats goin on..people who are involved in it and have information die if they mention the Illuminati..little Joe jacks like us they don’t give a damn about bc they know nobody will believe us..I mean come on. If I were to go on TV and start saying what I have researched people are gona think “oh look at that crazy white bitch on TV, she’s fuckin nuts.” Now if jay-z does the same thing and tells everything he knows, people might listen to hear what he has to say and possibly get interested and then the Illuminati would be pissed with reason. Just pick up yur Bible every now and then. Read a few Scriptures. Join a church if want. Pray. Even if yu don’t believe its not exactly a bad idea to be on the safe side. Bc what if?

  • like i care… every belief and ideology is trying to be in a control in a whole world. illuminati and your religion are just competing… and none of them is totally innocent. so if its really true illuminati is bla bla bla then it doesn’t mean you and your belief are the protagonists. hahahaha

  • I know is a mess when everybody is responding to the fear which this devils trying to justify.The soft spot that if you want to trap a man is to assert fear into his mind and if he/she contaminated with then you can demand anything from them.these illuminat shits are there to terrify you guys eventually you will be tuned like remote to obey their wills.I argue you to bullshit all illuminate stories and have more time to lead bible

  • My advice is: watch The Documentary Thrive, with subtitles available, read books by David Icke and even it is hard to believe all this is true, mbe realistic and see what is happening in the world today, look at the programming through your news suppliers.
    Wake up and overcome ur resistance and just assume it is real, especially when u doubt. And then look again. It all is happening and it is in a higher pace than ever before.

  • I have just one little notice to do , he said everything is a conspiracy , they made everything and makes it look like it is natural . How would we be sure that this video and many others are not a part of their conspiracy , let s be honest or logic at least , if they are running the world , do you think it is going to be a hard thing to just delete a video , an article even a person ?!!!! They want us to know , but why ?!

  • You Retards Illuminati is Real, George bush, Obama Both are Apart of it. Stop Acting like your the shit and do your researches. IDK what book your reading but Even in the bible it says it. Obama and bush even said they were apart of the illuminati’s How is it not real ? Some people are plain stupid!

  • This video tells the truth…American should know who are leading their country, and must know about their country stories. I m sorry to tell that. BUT, IT’S ABOUT THE TRUTH. Illuminti is REAL!

  • I want to thank each and every one of you. This post made for some good entertainment this morning. LMAO
    People who claim to know so much and be clueless to what’s really going on in the world here.
    You cannot blame President Obama for the United States’ problems. He was given a rotten hand when he took office. He didn’t become president on his own, the majority of the United States put him in his position. He got the position because, well let’s face it, the Republican Party didn’t have a better candidate and the voters wanted to show that we’re not a racist society. Now that they have had their black president, it will be a long time before we see another one. that is unless James Earl Jones runs for office, (Darth Vader for President,) or Morgan Freeman lol.
    Yes the US is screwed up in many of it’s policies, but compared to other countries in the world, there is no place I would rather call home.
    Remember people, this is a country where if you don’t like how things are run and you think you have a better idea how it should be done, then go ahead and show some balls and get into politics yourself. If not, shut the fuck up and support the people who are trying to make a difference.

  • “Proud American”, you need to rename yourself “Shameful Fuktard”. You are a disgrace to your country. George Jr is the one who ruined your country. to believe otherwise simply means you’re nothing more than a lemming-minded waste of oxygen who will believe whatever nonsensical tripe you’re fed just as long as no one thinks about touching your guns.

    go drink drano. your carcass would serve the world better than you living.

  • He’s not a Black President. He’s a Muslim and the USA will never tell the truth about his birth certificate because we will go down in history as thr biggest laughing stock of all time. He destroyed the world in 4 years He is the puppet and Soros is the master along with others. We have allies that hate us he’s ruined almost every country we have spent years gaining trust and the bigger question is Why???? He’s has committed Treason and we need our Elected congress to nut up and do something about it immediately!!!!

  • this man is a liar to begin with, everything he is saying is a lie. Ayn Rand is a conservative, hates the poor and are against government handouts. Then why si he misleading the listeners and sayiang only communist reads her books? I am glad I knew who any rand is so I know everything he is telling is a lie. He is doing some kind of demonic thing inthis broadcast. Probably doing a secret chant during the broadcast. But he is acting liek he is on your side

  • Delain, they were transgressed to do it because god gave them two commandments. The first was to have children, and the second was to not bear fruit of the tree of knowledge. However, they couldn’t have children in the garden of Eden, and the only way out was the take the fruit of the tree of knowledge. They made the decision to do the lesser sin and to eat the fruit so that they could have children, thus, the earth would be populated. Yes they did sin, but nobody but Christ was perfect, that includes Noah. However, through repentance, we can all go back and live with Him.

  • Yes. Illuminati is real. BUT why in the hell THE MORMONS were included to these things. It doesn’t mean that the temples form like that of illuminati symbol, by just basing on it u can say that they are Illuminati!!! u never knew! mormons even helped without announcing to the public or getting closer to those politicians!!! u really sucks!

  • My what does the dumbass calling people idiots because we have a black democratic president! What does that have 2 do with anything??? Be careful who u call idiots! 2 the 1 who likes calling 1 a whore! Ur as stupid as dumb which u probably cant figure that 1 out! I have done a little reading on this subject but common sense alone should make u open 2 the article not attack the the writer! Its true very few control the masses! Where did aids come from + dont tell me from men screwing green monkies! I find that answer 2 the question hard 2 believe that they just started such practice in the 80s! Get real name callers yes I am 1 2 but Im open 2 the truth not tied 2 what has been taught! If u read ur Bible u will note that ur god killed all man except Noah + his family so where did we all come from! Dont say Adam + Eve they were the 1s that caused ur gods anger + forced the flood! So we r all Noahs children from him his daughhters + sons! Wow u believe that but not what is in front of ur face!!! Wow wow wow!

  • And who’s behind it all? The “power” protecting the 1% oligarchy, and their 4 companies that control 147 companies that own everything. But it is always what you don’t know that will hurt you. The oligarchy belongs to an ancient secret society called Rosicrucians. Mr. R.C.Christian who was commissioned to put up the Georgia Guidestones used a pseudonym for Rosicrucian. They are the shadow of the Illuminati/Skulls and Bones/Brotherhood of Death/Free-Masons/ANONYMOUS/NSA/CSS/NWO/Government/ Agenda 21. Their Declaration of Manifest is the Georgia Guidestones, and their 1st commandment is to reduce the global population to 500 million in 2012 to 2021. We take in their babyfood aspartame, fluoride, mercury vaccines, monsanto/GMO’s, chemtrails, war, etc. Start researching with their codes: DiVinci codes, spell everything backwards and add dot-com [.com]. Absurd, but true. Only thing we can do is keep fighting. Strong nations like Russia and China are ready to catch them in rat traps. Research please. And compare all the symbols, the symbols that you are told to trust, match the symbols that are from the ones who slowly and systematically kill us. Americans will always gag from the mere presence of this repulsive ancient deceiver that bleeds his vile influence on the innocent and unsuspecting populations of the world.

    The video is long but, EVERYTHING, the whole devious plan is revealed.

    Stanley Kubrick tried to warn us with his last movie, EYES WIDE SHUT, a word play on eyes wide open. He died of a heart attack 4 days after he was finished filming. They kill a lot of people.

    Governor Perry, General Abbott and Land Commissioner Patterson:
    This is an outrage, if we permit this land [Texas] grab by the United Nations it will make the San Marcos River listed as a “World Heritage Site” a UN Owned and Controlled site. So basically it will carve out a zone and it will become a “world” site subject to their regulations in that zone. This is just another step in their Agenda 21 One World Order!
    And please don’t be so negative on President Putin, his job is equivalent to a “battlefield.”

  • Every time someone posts info on some other “conspiracy or religion you damn Jesus freaks jump on continually showing your disdain with others opinions. Also Shannon your racist bigotry proves that ignorance is bliss because you wouldnt be happy if you woke up one day to the epiphany that there are just as many stupid Mexicans, Indians, democrats , and whites, which you prove with brash and inconclusive statements, furthermore you have raised children to be as stupid and unaccepting of other people and their beliefs as you and not even an invisible man in the sky can forgive you for that. P.S. I am only 18 and obviously smarter than you please do us all a favor and have all the members of your family fixed because there’s already enough stupid people in this world and we DON’T need yours.

  • I believe that MAN created God, for each gathering of MAN in every far flung corner of the earth, there is a different one. Each established group, for reasons of keeping law and order in their group, saw fit to form some kind of GOD that could, and would, do great mischief to those in the group that would not conform. Even though I have doubts regarding my own God. I’m as happy as a pig in dodo that most others have the faith, otherwise there would be chaos.
    Some groups have formed a ridiculous God and insist on pushing thier belief on to the rest of the world on pain of death.

  • what bs this is nothing but misdirection from the real problem. Anyone who believes this crap about an organization that lasted only a few years and has disapeared into history as a vague word needs to examine their capabilities of sorting the truth out from the lies.

  • This is funny how can somebody that believes in somebody that tells them how to live their lives from a million years in the past with a book of non proven facts have any right to talk down to anybody for what they believe in weither they have proof of it’s existance or not? Have you seen god? or jesus? or any of these so called miracles? there’s proof of science and evolution but you denounce it because a book tells you it’s not real? should i believe everything written in harry potter too? somebody wrote the bible a human hand not a god how can you say it’s any more real? especially with all the hypocritical beliefs in your book. incest is against god but we are all related to 2 people created by 1 father? just not lest ye be judged but everybody is wrong if they don’t believe what you believe? jesus was gods only son but we are all his children? magic is the work of the devil but jesus was a man a human being that could create something from nothing and walk on water? think before you speak. look in the mirror before you condem others. religous zelot fools.

  • I’ve always been interested in history, especially pertaining to Americanism, and the founding of our country. I’m not sure how many people actually know this, but Benjamin Franklin was a Satanist. I refuse to believe either side of the story, without solid proof, but this conspiracy does provide a good excuse to research what is really going on. Maybe I’ll stumble across something interesting.

  • Just as a note, the was a horrible video. Maybe the guy had a point but he spoke for a long time and nothing intriged my interest. First the guy is calling Andy Rand a communist? Why do all the real communists, the democratic party, call this book a republican mouth piece?

  • African Americans and Republicans. Two groups of stupid who will never make much of themselves believing in nonsense. This is what you occupy yourself with instead of getting a collegiate brain. So glad my kids took non-Black, non-Republican spouses. This is the best way to filter out the stupidity that comes from hanging around your own for so long. Ignorant people will always be subservient.

  • I believe in the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth and His Son, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. No other force, oppressor, power or organisation has prominence.

  • dummy man.devil never win.because GOD is the greatest ever.devil is thing same like us.GOD make us.

  • To all the freemasons that say something like ” no one that us a freemason knows anything” then they say ” people are idiots for saying its a secret society:. ehhhhh…. say what now????

    Unless you freemasons can say what the hell exactly it IS you do …. it will be assumed you are vile dirt bags . You give money to charity? how much? when? where? prove it… show your finances as a organization like a real corporation.

  • people can say what they want about his or her whateva organisation. at the end there can only be one truth Wich is the trinity of God. say what you want if you are on the wrong side when Jesus comes then you wil be very sory and that you can take to the bank or ignore. for all these people that say the devil wil show them the true light . . i pray that you wil see the light. just think about it…. you serve satan who promise you this and that but yet you are believing the one who decets and lies and corups to get his way…. why do you think he is doing that. he knows what his future holds for him and he is trying to take as many souls to damnation with him not because it will help him in any way, but because its his nature to steal kill and destroy,,, he does not care about any of his folowers. god created hell. its not a place you wanna be.not even satan. he cannot avoid going to hell…. and he is not looking forward to it. he lost and if you are gonna keep on getting fooled by him then you are going with him YOUR CHOICE

  • “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

    Albert Pike

  • I know exactly who the illuminati is, and they are currently getting their asses kicked by the lightworkers. In fact, chances are they have already been rendered impotent and can no longer prevent humanity’s ascension.

    You have the power to change reality, literally. Fear is a useless emotion to you as a sovereign individual. We need to keep ourselves focussed on Love and the beautiful, infinite simplicity of the present moment. Continue to do that with pure intention and the whole universe will open up to you.

    This is what they were trying to prevent. They wanted to control us by keeping us locked in a state of subservient fear, thus preventing the evolution of our human consciousness. This is no longer the case. They have been and are being defeated.

    Always remember friends, you are sovereign. You are infinite. And as you awaken, you will realize you are above all authority.

  • I think that it’s got to be something bad about the illuminati and the free masons. Cause why is it so secretive. God doesn’t hide his knowledge, or his books.

  • wel i see here no body are clear enough that is not only a something else but much more,, they are owner of federal reserv bank wich is not a sistem of un. or any other state but is a private company and now eewry contry have a debt to frb.we (citizen )use to be not suppose to work even any more because of cnowledge and tecnolojy they are use the fear evry where they are a reason of ery war at the planet ery manworking hard like an animal in this world and able to pay only the bills we even not dreaming any morewe loose our wish we not studiying (proper education)be cause they don want it the shcool are in their kontrol as welland they need a sheep

  • Free masons. We masters. All you making negative comments are because you are not part of our organization. Shut your mouth if you know nothung but what you’ve heard!

  • so you say its not our business? when people screw with our lives and there are clues left for the ones who have the brains to see the clues are just suppose to ignore them? and the Necronomicon is not fake the only reason the spells and incantations dont work is because people dont put the right words or they misspell them on purpose to prevent people from releasing things from the dark realm. believe as you will you are all blind or too stubborn to see things. maybe you should open your mind to see things from a different view rather than your shallow ways. people judge me because im Wiccan but i do no harm to people because it is our law. once you look beyond your own face you will see that there is more to this world than you know and some of the things you will wish that you never did find out. but no one can open your eyes for you thats something you must do on your own accord.

  • Look if you want to know how the Illuminati works They move around the world. Right now believe it or not they are in Russia. Look Putin has supported Assad, Iran, North Korea, trying to Sopa up India brics union and have the weak support Orthodox Christianity turning Middle Europe into the main hub of Illegal world control blaming the West on all it’s problems by helping Israel and Muslims and anything the west makes money on. It’s not Bilderbergs it’s not UK Zionism its not anything like people think. Look into who opened up the Micex………………

  • time is runnin out…they’ll will make war wit the saints slaughter man woman and child …there father is doesn’t matter what u believe u could be believe batman is god…w.e…fact is this is real and jesus is coming back…to pay all evil doers for there need to debate its gonna happen…i love you all…when things start hitting the fan remember the name of Jesus

  • It is not uncommon through out mans history, that those who find themselves in power and wealth, seek protection within themselves through fraternities of one kind or the other, and agree on comparable ideas that in truth benefits them above all others, but are camouflaged in the betterment of humanity. This was done with the creation of Governments, Religions, House of representatives, Senates, on & on & on. We have gone from one lie to another in benefit of the few, and worst of all, is we know it and allow it.

  • Can we get a little fact, a little validation, some PROOF… maybe an alien autopsy… come on people, next it’s the tooth fairy and she’s gonna kill you if you see her. SIGH.

  • The funniest bit was when he started talking about the Necronomicon… Completely missing the point that it was a fictitious book made up by HP Lovecraft because it sounded scary…

  • Wow look at all the Freemasons here that read Pravda and jump at the chance to refute all conspiracies involving Freemasons even though they founded the religion of Mormonism and run it. These people are involved in all facets of government and are an intelligencia apparatus. They are involved in the permanent government and work behind the scenes with their brothers promoting a secret agenda that exists on all 32 degrees. Their master is Lord Rothschild, master of worldwide Zionism and owner of the state of Israel. We are being blackmailed. If the Freemasons are good then why is the world where it is? Have the Freemasons found out who killed President Kennedy? Have they pushed for a reinvestigation of 9-11? Where are thy good works brothers? The dead Iraqi’s? The dead Afghanis? The dead Libyans? PLease prove that there’s no connection between Freemasonry and worldwide Zionism that will enslave us all. Where art thou Oh brother?

  • I’ve been traveling for many years and it’s a joke to me how there’s all kinds of conspiracy theories. No matter the multitudes of good work, there will always be doubters.

  • etc, forgot to finish comment but oh well. people are so blind. it takes silly little things like this to open people up instead of the actual big important stuff. but i digress if it helps the cause, its for the better.

  • If you want to know who the Rothchilds, Soros, Morgans, Illuminati,Builderburghs, read Fallen Angels Among Us by Elizabeh Clare Prophet.

  • Why do all these people that say they were Masons never get anything about the Lodge and it’s workings right? It’s always ‘The Evil Masons” never the facts… Like that every 24 hours we put over one million dollars in charities and run free health care to children, providing them and their parents transportation etc.?

  • I’ve been a Brother for years. No one that isn’t a Free Mason knows anything about it. Especially the idiots that say it’s a “Secret Society” . What a laugh!

  • Sandra, you have been misleaded. The Islam will not be the bad religion, but Christianity its self! A huge part of fallen christian churches will take over and lead the prossecution against the true Christians who obey God’s Law and keep the faith in Jesus Christ!
    Do not believe the govermental farry tale stories!
    Read the book ” The keys of this blood” from Mallachy Martin you will understand why US begun the war against Islam….

  • Yes, huh duh. Communism, Paganism and Racial theories are as related as Osama was jewish. Can you drop a few more words of ignorance here for smart people’s laughter? Tyvm

  • 666 is the DNA mixing of the sons of God with the daughters of men just like in the days oh Noah, think of the advances of genetic engineering, transhumanism, so many worldly benefits, but only surrendering to Jesus who is the LORD God and only by faith in Him will we escape the great tribulation and the horrible fate of the fallen ones and their supporters. this conspiracy to take over the world is from ancient times, as Lucifer planned to take take over the throne of God(Epic Fail!- he had no chance what so ever), but losing that battle made him attack the human race on earth, where he reigns as the usurper tyrant king-god in spirit incognito, but which one day -soon, my friends, very soon- will establish a world empire and will visibly rule in a brave world of the worst chaos and abominations possible, surpassing the worst nightmares of horror-SF. these illuminated ones, are more than just a bunch of people in one secret organisation working behind the scenes, they are the elite top luciferians in every type of human movement following direct or indirect directions, and no offence to the Catholics, from that great mother of harlots mystery Babylon which is Vatican and they control and impose like our whole CULTURE with the clear intent to drive us further and further away from our Savior. Accept Jesus and what He did for us as the ONLY WAY to the true God, for He is His Only Begotten Son and God himself, who died as payment for our sins. He is in sovereign control! Praised be the LORD!

  • Excuse me? There was not a more decent human being than my dad, a bootstrap man who rose from poverty and founded a construction company with nothing but a pick up truck and a hand shovel. His company exists and thrives today bearing the same name and dad has been gone since 1996. He was a Mason and a Shriner as are many of my friends and acquaintances……who are also good and charitable churchgoing people AND conservative Republicans. This garbage needs to stop………..these are not evil people!!

  • I read that the original Illuminati was a group of scientists several hundred years ago who organized in protest of the Catholics attacking a famous astronomer—Kepler or whoever. I don’t know about Illuminati, but that crap about conspirators hiding out in the Bermuda triangle sounds bogus, especially with the real developments in some Colorado resort areas, gated communities, castle-size homes, etc. If you want conspirators, that would be where to find them, in the mountain communities of Aspen, Avon, Vail, etc.

  • have you not seen the Dan brown’s latest movies.. sorry they are already old, but he delivered a message . There are far darker thing than we can imagine. And all the world’s politics is changing for Lucifer.

  • I don’t give a hoot about illuminati and their conspiracy, truth is from time imemorial, man has been trying to dominate and control his fellow man, History is filled with kings who conquered the world insuccession starting from Egypt to Anglo American Imperialism. the bible warn of an eighth and yet some dull ppl believe the bible has less truth than the Koran?

    The catholic church is responsible for distorting the truth about christianity. 90 percent of catholic faith is paganism and was not taught by the early disciples of Christ or Christ Himself example is the Doctrine of TRINITY, HELL FIRE etc.

    If your hope is on this world then you should be scared of who ever the next world ruler will be. Be it Illuminati, Free mason etc but to me Its just a much ado about nohting cuz you cant change the word of God. God already predicted in Revealations that a world ruler is coming and he will come whether you fight, protest to stop it or not.

    Food for thought! Who the heck do you think is Ruling the World? Clue Acts 4:4

  • all goverment is evil haha well in a sense yes and that has its own conflict because religion and goverment is what creates chaos as an example death itself is just a miniture concept of importance to goverment yet each individual has to be belived as important for that matter in order to have them be the stepping stone for those who are higher.
    but in a sense is disapointing as it was said light and life is only a glimpse for those whos mind are open ask the same question to everyone your meet all of them have a basic answer and this is the question what is one plus one and only 3 answers will arise either 2 or 11 or window…… but the reality of that answer is event changes the concept of the final outcome of that sequence of number and depending on material or non materialistic it has a concept of changing its answer aswel as history does…. only those who started the even is the one who knows the concept

  • They are all just belief systems. Science, math, religion, even language. The only thing that is is the what einstien said. Since we all believe something man made we only believe ourselves. The only thing we have to go off of is mass and light. Hence e=m(c*c) or c squared. C being light and m being mass. So if you die for a split second what happens to your brain. It goes off of your belief system making everything you think when you die real. All belief systems are wrong since they are all man made from the earth. If we don’t relize this and still believe a man made system. We could potentially kill ourselves if that day ever comes or maybe it has a lot and no one ever understood it so it was never recorded. My point being it doesn’t matter about conpiracies if you deny without thinking you will truly see what is. Then and only then you can see what isn’t. Just think about it. It will make sence in time. Hah… get it, time is man made too

  • Here is a very simple Conspiracy Theory Litmus Test, for people who are gullible but don’t want to be.

    The more people involved in a Conspiracy the less likely they will be able to keep that Conspiracy secret.

    Also once you reach over half the population of the planet then it’s impossible for the Conspiracy to actually exist.

  • … all do not realize who the Illuminate is. Gadaffi died today for the American ALL SEEING EYE! There will be many more

  • @jake….wake the f**k up they aint talkin about the Bavarian Illuminati,they r talkin about the illuminati who run this world now they go by the name the elite,the bilderberg group r linked. they blame every thing on god coz religion not only make millions it causes wars which make millions. religion is the biggest lie ever told! the pope lol sat wit all his pagan symbolism around his neck n the walls of his house of s**t! his long tall hat big give fact i was raised a catholic n im ashamed 2 say i once belived the c**p the carholic religion is the worst one out of them all…the koran has more truth init than the bible do sum research …seek the truth n the truth wil set u free. I belive we av a creator but religion is just a way 2 control the sheep..just a guess but Im I rite in thinking that u prob belive 9/11 was done by bin laden n belive wat they want u 2 belive??

  • @ Jake: Just by reading your post, I see a lot more than what you wrote. The main thing is obviously that you want to close the question as easily and as quickly as possible. Things aren’t that simple: Alchemy has only little to do with, and especially doesn’t compare at all to our definition of science. In fact, it is a perfect example of occultism, and it had more to so with sorcery. And as sorcery was clearly forbidden by Jews and Christians scriptures, it’s hard to blame the Church as they had legitimate reasons to see evil in their practices. Also, whatever your definition of evil is, you should be objective and not defend such a group that you know so little about; everyone is evil up to some point, and they were no exception. Same thing about your claim that “There is no conspiracy”: It is confortable and pleasant to hear, but it’s not objective and it is especially impossible to prove. In fact there is move evidence pointing the other way, you obviously just don’t even want to consider it.

  • *Facepalm* There is no conspiracy. The Illuminati was a guild of alchemist, or scientist for those times. Nothing evil about it. They didn’t worship the devil as the Catholic church insisted nor were they solely composed of atheist. Many Christians joined simply because they wanted to learn, nothing wrong with that it’s human nature. However since everything is a crime against God in the eyes of the Pope, they were branded as heretics and were forced to operate in secret or face harsh punishment.

  • Yup Illuminati are fags. Just ask lady GaGa. 2011 an 2012 r going to be years the world will remember.

  • religion is the back bone to every war that has ever happened, if you look back over time you will find some kind of religious leader at the head of the war machine like osama, hitler, even king henry 8th started a war between his own people by splitting from the pope, but because of this every one thinks that the Illuminati were world conquering conspiriters
    when really they were only a group of scientists/atheists who were forced underground by the pope starting a war on science. anyway my point is that there was never a violent nature about the Illuminati when really it was all christian propaganda that they were evil.

  • Maybe all of these power hungry groups should have to smoke Marijuana 3 times a day and have sex four times a week!

  • 1 plus 2 all the way to plus 36 will give 666 and this can be verified by even a 6 year old. Trample is anagram of TEMPLAR.
    Which species am I addressing I would really like to know. Hope you LOT are not the Tree Of Life LOT.

  • The mystery starts with the Knights Templar.

    The Knights Templar were officially first founded after the First Crusade in 1118 by the nobleman Hugues de Payens for the purpose of protecting European pilgrims on their way to and from the Holy Land. They were originally known as “The poor knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon”. Their connection to maintaining the esoteric tradition is a fulsome story with this newsletter only a facinating detail.

    Unfortunately they were tax exempt. This allowed them to become quite wealthy over a period of two centuries. They instituted Europe’s first banking system. By the beginning of the 14th century King Phillip became desirous of their wealth and he also, by the way – was one of their debtors. So he did what Kings are wont to do.

    King Philip arranged for Pope Clement V, the King’s puppet at that time, to dissolve the order based on charges of heresy. The king had arranged in-hand reports from agents who claimed to have infiltrated secret meetings of the Knights Templar and the king as well had a signed affidavit from an alleged disgruntled ex-Templar. He then distributed orders to his henchmen that they were not to open until midnight before October 13, 1307. The orders required that on the 13th, as many Templars as possible were arrested. The king also, of course, decreed that his debt was canceled. (Unfortunate moral: Never loan money to a king.)

    The Templars were interrogated and tortured by the church. Most of the charges were viewed as silly by the populace but one of them was strange and notable. Twelve of the 231 Templars interrogated by the church admitted to worshipping “Baphomet” – pronounced “Baff – oh – may.”

    The term Baphomet was a new term and its origin was not known. Some scholars today suggest that the term was only the product of torture. Other scholars offer a variety of unconvincing derivations of the term. Hugh Schonfield refers to “Baphomet” as an “obviously artificial” name.

    In contrast to the unknowing, Blavatsky seems to know its truly esoteric meaning. She says:

    “How little the philosophy of the old secret doctrine was understood, is illustrated in the atrocious persecutions of the Templars by the Church, and in the accusation of their worshipping the Devil under the shape of the goat — Baphomet! Without going into the old Masonic mysteries, there is not a Mason — of those we mean who do *know something* — but has an idea of the true relation that Baphomet bore to Azâzêl, the scapegoat of the wilderness, whose character and meaning are entirely perverted in the Christian translations. (IUi302-3)

    But before reviewing the hints from Blavatsky we should explore the solution of Schonfield which is facinating and the best of the exoteric lot.

    You may not have heard of it before but there is a Kabalistic cypher known as the Atbash cypher. It will be easiest to explain if the Atbash cypher is first illustrated with English. Imagine the letters of the English alphabet arranged on a line of the page from left to right. Then imagine under that is another line of the alphabet written under the first but from right to left. Place the letter “Z” of the second line under the “A” of the first line. Place the “A” of the second line under the “Z” of the first line. This gives the correspondences for a simple letter substituion.

    We can translate the word “ABSOLUTE” using the Atbash technique in English. The letter “A” gets replaced with “Z” in the coded result. The letter “B” gets replaced with the letter “Y” in the coded form. S gets replaced with H. Finally the entire word “ABSOLUTE” coded with Atbash becomes “ZYHLOFGV”. Admittedly the result is not so pronounceable toward the end. But it sure hides the original word – and you may want to do that if you might be tortured by the church.

    When Atbash is used with the Hebrew alphabet then “aleph”, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is replaced with “tav”, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Beth, the second letter, is replaced with “shin”, the next to the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet etc. (The name “Atbash” comes from these letters of aleph, tav, beth and shin. This is not so strange if you consider where the word “AlphaBet” comes from.)

    Just for the record, in the Book of Jeremiah, the words “Leb Kamai” is Atbash code for “kasdim/Kasdin”, that is, “Chaldeans”, and Sheshakh are Atbash for Babel.

    To Hugh Schonfield’s credit, he decided to apply the Atbash code to various other mysterious words. In his “The Essene Odyssey” published 1984 he succinctly summarized:

    The mysteries here referred to have never been explained. But the evidences of links with Essene lore suggested to me that these reports might have a foundation in fact. I decided to treat the obviously artificial name Baphomet as another case of the use of the Hebrew Atbash cipher for purposes of concealment. Setting down Baphomet in Hebrew characters produced “taf, mem, vav, pe, bet” right to left] which by Atbash converted immediately into [“alef, yud, pe, vav, shin” right to left] (Sophia), the Greek work for Wisdom. So this centuries old secret was for the first time revealed!. (The Essene Odyssey p 164)

    So Schonfield found that Baphomet translated into Sophia! The Templars had been “worshipping” wisdom and not some strange devil. And at that, not a single Templar, even under torture, had revealed the name Sophia. Of course etymologically this is the same “soph” as in “Theosophy.” The wisdom religion twists, turns and lives on!

    Today, Schonfield’s explanation for the derivation of Baphomet is the more generally accepted one. Also the Baphomet/Sophia connection is the most often cited example of an Atbash translation. (Since the “devil” card in some Tarot decks is related to Baphomet we may need to do some re-evaluation of Tarot in light of Atbash.)

    The Origins of the Gnostic Movement

    One the most daunting problems posed by the Gnostic Coptic materials is the question of origins. Who wrote these documents, and where did the authors came from? It is exasperating to delve into this material with no concrete idea of its human origin in cultural, historical, or geographic terms. Even assuming that the Egyptian codices are translations of “original writings” by Gnostics who belonged to cults scattered around Egypt and the Near East, we are left in bafflement as to where the Gnostic movement originated in the first place.

  • how did you make the jump from mason to illuminati? its a known fact that most of the founding fathers and some presidents were free-masons, and reptilian eye? thats not a reptilian eye, it’s the all seeing eye, which is, if im not mistaken, a symbol to keep peace (a “we’re always watching you kind of thing”) and since when does MDCCLXXVI=666? it’s 1776, and yah the bottom part means new world order but what does the top mean? it means “A New Order For the Ages” as in democracy (which the US was one of the first in modern times to use) you really need to do your researh before you start using things as “clues the masons and illuminati are trying to take over the world”

  • Freemasons created “The Illuminati in the mid 1700’s. Their is also a “Balvarian Illuminati.” We have known Freemason establishments everywhere. But as far as the dollar and the rest of the publicity frenzy;well I just don’t know about that. Illuminati is real though.

  • When I was in school, one of my teachers told me to question everything, because that is the only way to find out the truth. Don’t assume its true because someone told you, find out for yourself. That’s actually a big problem i have with the school system today, people will believe anything that their teachers tell them.

  • Um….ALL religions are wrong…even atheism.

    The truth is that nobody knows the answers to the “big questions”. Why is it so hard for people to say “I don’t know.” instead of making up some ridiculous story. What is even harder to understand is why people believe these stories that others have made up.

    Also, why do so many have an all powerful god creating the universe? What if it was something else, or a stupid god that doesn’t even know he accidentally created the universe? There are so many options that are many times more believable than the existing religions.

    Oh, about these Illuminati and government conspiracies. Is this the same government that can’t make simple easy-to-read forms for people to fill out? The government isn’t some mysterious evil entity that controls everything, it is just people like you and me. If you ran for government do you think that they would throw you into a room and teach about their vast evil plans, totally changing everything you stood for before your hire? The concept is simply ridiculous.

  • really? ex CIA? why is it that every single person that posts one of these things is an “ex CIA thats taking one HELL of a risk”? personally, i think this is all a load of crap. jumping at shadows will give u a heart attack early. on the bright side, we wont have to listen to all the conspiracy theories….

  • The Illuminati has nothing to do with 666. The church spread rumors about the Illuminati saying they worshiped the devil and practiced black arts. Those who wanted to joined the Illuminati heard these rumors and started acting them out, believing them to be true. There have always been religious wars. This is most likely the oldest one though

  • MDCCLXXVI is not 666, but 1776, and it is the year when Declaration of Independence was created and ratified. “New World Order” in Latin would be “Novus Ordo Mundi”. Sometimes thinking hurts so much that you need to invent conspiracy theories to explain the simplest things 🙂

  • You’re all crazy. If there is no illuminati, then you’re all jumping at shadows and in hysterics like paranoid children. If there is, there’s nothing you can really do about it. Because the illuminati isn’t just a cult or a group of people, it’s supposedly an ideal, with a goal and a specific process to achieve. You can’t mob and kill ideals, only the people who currently support them; and that’s illegal boys and girls.

    As for the actual people, if you gave them publicity, they’d probably find a way to use it in their favor, and if you ignored them, they’d just continue doing whatever they’ve been doing.

    And who even says that illuminati “taking over the world” or establishing a “new world order” would be catastrophic? Maybe they’re that group of people who think they know how to make the world run better, smoother, turn us into a stronger, more efficient society? If we were “taken over”, do you really think that they’d attempt to lead us to ruin? What would they have to rule over then but debris?

    In short, get over yourselves. And btw, I LIKED Atlas Shrugged, AND its message.

  • Is it just me or are all the side ads and pics/links creepy?Right now I’m looking at an ad of a guy hanging himself with his tie, eyes following me as I scroll the ad reads “escape from your boring job”. “The bed of your dreams” “what do you see when you look at…” All the people (models, cartoons, celebs) are all looking dead at you with an evil, knowing vibe. Hell if I didn’t know any better I’d say this site is subliminally communicating with us ‘conspiracy theorists’ right now.

  • Hey, Rev. Parsons,
    Use YOUR spell checker!! You wrote: “You never see a poor person run for president because they can’t buy there way in. People learn how to us your spell checker” It’s “THEIR” way in, not “there”. I’ll assume you only made a typo when you wrote “us”, I know you meant, “use”. You might want to punctuate, too. I haven’t time to correct the rest of your diatribe, but you made some other punctuation and grammatical mistakes as well…as well as some theological ones.

  • why has nobody mentioned the fact that “novus ordo seclorum” does not mean “new world order”? it is “new secular order” and secular means “non-religious”

  • The Org mark of the beast was 660… as far as the ex CIA guy goes, your a BS’er, HAARP if you knew anything could be made, and its real…. a earthtrimmer in OHIO? last snow fall in the ohio?PA state, May? stoll very cold in june? if not haarp what, and beside, the NWO is real, Inside stuff. Money is a scam, to control you, and you’ll see ending of 2012

  • what a bunch of morons! Ex- CIA…. yeah right if by some chance you were ever in the CIA you obviously got bounced out on a section 8. Illuminati defector… you would be dead.
    Most of you can’t spell and your posts look they came from uneducated 13 year olds.
    Jill was the only one that made any sense, but I don’t think you should take her advice. Quite honestly if something big does happen, I don’t want to have to deal with you idiots.
    When it comes to the different religions, Most of us believe in the same God.
    Muslims, Muhammad was a murder, don’t you think he fell from God’s graces after that, Jews, you can’t have heaven without hell and since we are all going there to pay for our sins before we go to heaven you will find out, Christians, even Jesus doubted God and his intentions as he screamed, “why have you forsaken me”. All organized religions are corrupt and have killed in God’s name detracting from the very core of the need for religion. Religion is how we got our morals and our laws and tried to give us an understanding of our world around us. Thousands of years ago we needed answers and it is human nature to come up with an explanation of how things worked. All the major religions were developed by people that thought the earth was the center of the universe, WAKE UP PEOPLE! I am a Christian, but that is because I believe a lot of what Jesus said is the way we should live our lives. Really though if anyone thinks of it, don’t you think if God spoke to any of these people he would have explained some of the simple things we now know as truths, like the world is not flat and we revolve around the sun, day and night are because the earth rotates.
    The only true conspiracy that anyone should worry about is that our money is worth nothing and controls everything. You never see a poor person run for president because they can’t buy there way in.
    People learn how to us your spell checker

  • idiots with the roman numerals, nobody said that they mean THE BEAST… it IS 1776, which is the day we became an independent nation, also, when the NWO started in america… (new world order)

  • You don’t get it do you?
    I’ve just been canned from the CIA (Long story)
    What I WILL tell you guys is that most of the Illuminati theories have been started BY THE CIA!!
    I’m taking one hell of arisk putting this up. I’m working in a cybercafe somewhere off the beaten track and doing it through layered proxies.
    We wanted to see just how gullible people could be fo ra time we REALLY needed to sow a REAL cover strategy. It just took off far better than anyone expected. Some people will believe ANYTHING.
    Wwe’ve tried a few more since: Over Unity Power (that went well) and, of course HAARP (Take a tip from me: check out some basic engineering and you’ll see just how much THAT couldn’t work!!)
    It’s been a real blast but it all came to an end last week, for me.
    If I get a chance I’ll maybe post more.

  • seriously people every government is and always going to be corrupt wether its population control or taxes and the reason its not on a full scale like genocide is simply there afraid of our numbers and people who still believe a higher power (god, allah) are just in the line of political smokescreen created thousand of years ago and even up today because you then can control their lives from then on proven facts because you can literaly see every day but thats does not mean the morals you receive are bad either its just been controled wrongly

  • i just got one thing to say just like pharoah denied moses and at the time of his death when he saw the angel of death izraeel he said I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE IN MOSES GOD! but it was all too late the same way you will soon find out who was right muslims or christians

  • Dear Real Observer,

    I appreciate the knowledge you just shared upon ‘illuminati’. I myself had not much knowledge about it, however, I wont believe you completely until i inquire about it and find out myself, your has has just given me a direction to carry search.

    about the Qu’ran, GO READ IT AGAIN .. but this time with a neutral unbiased heart and with an intention to seek knowledge, not for gathering points to use against Muslims. The Qu’ran suffice its own protection. If u read it, u will find several challenges that Qu’ran will charge you with, TRY TAKING THEM (if you are truthful of what you say), but IF U FAIL, ATLEAST DONT CRITICIZE IT, that is the least i can ask.

    and about so called SHARIA law, the best advice i can give is.. in books (written by man..who is bound to err) you will find many disturbing things, some true, some false. human mind plays according to what it wants people to get convinced with and what it wants people to go against (i hope u agree with this one). SO, find a GOOD muslim, remember there will be black sheep (but keeping in mind your level of intelligence i hope you would agree), so i am asking you to find a true one (if you are truthful, you will do this with responsibility), befriend him, and observe him for the time you may require, and then i believe you will find the path to your success.

  • its not that hard to find illuminata
    at all i’m still a 16th lvl freemason …but you are saying are’nt there only meant to be three levels
    …if you look properly…You can find it
    in sydney if you look in freemason building in upstairs lvl of freemason muesum…there are sme pendants on the wall…some are there or missing but it has 33 levels of freemason on it 33rd lvl is illuminata or above that (hint hint)…and its not giving away a secret of freemasonary if you can find it yourself…and concrete area before you go into the lift in freemason building is known as the bunker by most freemasons in sydney…i had to laugh when i heard that one?…cheers and so mote it be

  • for all the non belivers of islam & for all who dont like muslims i recomend you people to watch a documentry movie namely ARRIVAL it has three parts containing very much detail about illimunati,masons(free mason),zions, jews,chiristianity & islam the maker of the movie tries to make the things more understandable then any other movie i have seen , he even give the quotes from the books of jews & cristians & did interviewed many illuminati , zions & others regarding there beliefs. i will hopefully be available for any future guidence if anyone likes to.

  • one times have changed i might be the only one here who has the right peace of mind to say islam are the ones who hate everyone why cause if u believe in God you are a infidel if you dont believe in their so call gods …an if my memory servers me right they went after the twin towers not once not twices but 3 times cause they wanted us to believ in their gods an also to stop helpping the jewish …come on now do you think i am that dumb to believe in a so call gods that hurt people for helpping and if you got something to back up this islamic believe you can shave it down your throat cause i believe in God (JesusChrist) so that is all i am saying im not disrespecting or bad mouthing just saying PROOF

  • billy khalil, you will burn in hell, one cannot be ex-muslim, islam is forever in your heart, and the panishment for your retreat from islam will be more severe from those who dont believe at all

  • from wher i come from things about this is very hard to vome by, need more information about thises things, iluminatti/ masons. etc

  • you dont know islam at all. try reading it again and compare with all other religious texts.

  • Like no other time in history, the whole world is now embroiled in chaos and catastrophe most similar to a world war. We have been basically stripped of our rights, options and opportunities like refugees of an occupied defeated country.

    People need to gather their family and friends together and begin caching food, water and other supplies in order to outlast the economic and environmental collapse that will play out slowly over the next couple years.

  • Interesting. The Illuminati is: international banking, ‘Masonism’, Mormonism, Zionism, Communism, etc, etc, etc…

    .. but if you scratch any Illuminati Conspiracy Theorist hard enough you’ll find that they’ll say at the core of the Illuminati conspiracy are the Jews.

    Oh… they’ll protest. They’ll say “I don’t hate Jews! I just hate international Zionism.”

    Press them on this. Ask them to name 10 ‘international Zionists’ who aren’t Jews. You’ll find that they start running out after about 5 or 6. Check with the names they give you of those who aren’t. Check with other ‘conspiracy’ sites. I guarantee there’s a conspiracy theorist who’s identified these “non Jewish zionists” as… you guessed it… ‘crypto Jews’ – In other words, they don’t LOOK like Jews, but, deep down in their genes, they really are.

    So. Illuminati Conspiracy Theory For Dummies: “Da Jooos Are Behind It All”!

    You want to know who is the biggest supporter of the Illuminati conspiracy theory?

    Muslims. They want you to believe that their religion is all sunshine and light and truth. Let’s just check that out, shall we?

    Their leaders luxuriate in palaces funded by petro-dollars, while denying their people democracy. When their people try to get democracy, their leaders cry out that “The Jews are deluding you!” and force them back into uber-Islamic theocracatic regimes.

    Anyone out there actually READ the Koran? Go on. Read it. Deny to me that it doesn’t all end up with “Don’t trust the Jews. Don’t trust the Christians. Don’t be friends with them. The only good Jew is a Jew who converts to Islam. At the End Times battle, we Muslims will overthrow them.” Yes. It DOES say that. Yes it DOES!!

    And is this wonderful Islam so very wonderful….? “Sharia” law – will if given half a chance: deny women equal suffrage and all other rights, publically stone women (for being raped!), murder apostates, suppress homosexuals, deny free expression of all other religions, etc, etc, etc.

    Now YOU go do the homework and prove me wrong.

    The only conspiracy that really does exist is the one that’s right in front of your eyes: The International Jihad to convert the world to Islam.

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